Introducing to Pharmacy

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Introducing to Pharmacy

Protection of human health and the environment is one of his fundamental rights. The field of pharmacy can be effective in accomplishing this important task. It emphasizes creativity, innovation, teamwork and professional ethics. It is through training these forces that one can have greater hope of improvement and health. Given the human need for the treatment of diseases and the advancement of the science of chemistry and biology, as well as the close connection between the various sciences and the opening of the field to present new methods of treatment using newer and more effective spices, the field of medicine has been an independent discipline since the beginning of the 20th century. Was done. Given Afghanistan's serious need in this area and the millions of dollars it has to leave the country to import drugs, our country will incur high costs. Considering the country's need for medicine and also the need to develop curricula in this field, Rabia Balkhi University decided to activate the field of medicine along with other courses in the university.

 Rabia Balkhi knows her primary mission is to educate young people who work in the country's health system to provide community health, education, planning and service delivery. It also helps diagnose, treat and prevent stroke by using new methods of drug preparation and counseling.

Future Outlook:

  In the changing world of progress, Pharmacy education, in collaboration with other medical professionals, will play an effective and efficient role in promoting science and responding to evolving community health needs. According to international standards, the drug maker must have a real place in the health care community. Therefore, it is hoped that the creation of this discipline can be a step towards addressing social needs and playing an effective role at the national level by identifying the challenges ahead.

 Graduates of this field are expected to have sufficient and general information in various aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences and to meet the needs of the community in this regard.

Pharmacy graduates have good career prospects. Educators in the field are attracted to drugstores in the city, various government agencies, international institutions, domestic pharmaceutical companies and hospitals