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Law and Political Science

About the Law License

Introduction to Law:

Law is a science among the disciplines of the humanities that, by its rules, regulates human social relations to achieve justice and secure public order. Human beings as a social phenomenon have social relations such as people-to-people relationships, person-to-state relationships, government-to-nation relationships, government-to-state relationships, government-to-government relationships, government-to-national and international organizations and relationships in other fields. Are. The science of law has been called the regulation of these many different relationships.

Personal characteristics of a law student:

The experience and theories of psychologists have shown that people with intelligence, courage, creative mind, deep thinking, reasoning ability and expressive ability can successfully study in this field. The necessary knowledge of related sciences such as psychology, sociology and extensive and relevant studies can make students of this field successful and effective lawyers.

The Faculty of Law and Political Science has two departments:

The Law Department and the Political Science Department.

A. The Department of Law

Undergraduate law students are first of all specialized in the legal themes that have been designed and endorsed at curriculum including general courses, basic courses, Specialized courses, and optional law subjects. Students completing this course, while earning a bachelor's degree in law and political science, can perform the duties of a judge, prosecutor, attorney, legal advisor, expert, legal analyst. . And he/she can teach a teacher in law.

Law career opportunities:

Studying law findings provides them with numerous career opportunities, from human rights to justice, litigation, litigation, legal counseling to ministries, government and non-governmental agencies, agencies and banks, research in Law, teaching at universities and national and international scientific centers can also be listed as job opportunities.

B: Political Science Department:

The Department of Political Science started with the establishment of Rabia Balkhi University the Department of Political Science deals more with the two fields of international relations and

political science.

political science. What is the significance of the field of political science? Politics undoubtedly plays a key role in shaping the social and political structure of society. Actions and reactions in various aspects, including economics and culture, are a function of politics, and it is with these elements that Aristotle expresses the status of politics in society as the master of science. If we consider the most important realm of politics to be state and power, no area of social life is free of state and power interference. The status of any society is inextricably linked to the level of political knowledge in that society. Understanding the importance of political science, the Political Science Department seeks to position political science at its core, which is to achieve sustainable development, political stability, security and social welfare.

Career Opportunities:

Students in this field (political science) will benefit from the following job opportunities:

  1. in government departments;
  2. Local offices;
  3. Parliament seats also require people with political knowledge and tact.
  4. The media is another opportunity for political science educators to accept more.
  5. Diplomatic institutions (embassies),
  6. Intelligence and national security agencies;
  7. International organizations need political science graduates