Managing Economics and Business

The development of high quality research is essential to establishing a successful place in the scientific world

Managing Economics and Business

Introduction to Economics Sciences

Rabia Balkhi University has two departments of Economics; Economics and Business Administration. Economy is one of the most popular disciplines with a special place nationally and internationally. The current trade and commerce needs to understand the explanatory and analytical aspects of economic theory. To gain the skills needed to manage and lead organizations at the macro and national levels (such as analyzing global market policies, delivering financial statements for domestic and international financial institutions, and playing an expert role in global finance on taxation). ). And international business, the ability to make calculations based on standard accounting methods and software (and at small and private levels) (such as business firms, organizations, manufacturing and service business organizations) is a top economist's priority.

Personal characteristics of an economic student

Entrepreneurs who, in collaboration with entrepreneurs and employers, suggest that accelerated, intelligent, skilled, reasoned and morally competent individuals can successfully study sustainable economies. Having the necessary knowledge of related sciences such as mathematics, psychology, sociology, systems and thought schools and having strategic and related studies can make this section of students successful and effective economists.

Job Opportunities:

There are countless job opportunities for students in economics, from human resources management to bank management, financial management, financial advice to ministries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, banks, research institutions in economics and nationally. And the lessons and science centers at international universities can also be referred to as economics work opportunities.