About our Univerity

Higher Education Institution of Rabaa Balkhi has been established for the purpose of training human resources in the field of scientific and economic self-sufficiency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

  • About the founder of the university

    Ms. Fatemeh Nazari was born in Kabul; she received her primary education at Ayesha Durrani High School and Chahardehi Fortress in Kabul. ..

  • About Rabia Balkhi University

    Rabia Balkhi Institute of Higher Education has been established to train human resources for scientific and economic self-sufficiency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  • History of Rabia Balkhi University

    Rabia Balkhi University was established in late 2011 and after going through the legal process, it received an official license from the Ministry of Higher Education of. ...

  • University Perspective

    Rabia Balkhi University is determined to play a role in improving the public welfare by creating a suitable environment for training committed, specialized, creative and efficient staff through qualitative and quantitative improvement of education and research. .

  • University President's Message

    Education in the current situation has gone beyond a social category and has become a development category. In today's world, man plays an effective role as a factor and goal of development. .

  • Introduction

    Man tends to know and understand everything he can because he is born curious. Human curiosity is more complete and enduring than that of any other living thing.